March 17, 2003

Bend It Like Beckham

And while we are on the subject, of strong women characters in movies, here's another one! This one is wildly entertaining and fun film!

Last year, Bend It.. was so popular back home in India, I watched it thrice in two months! And I have never seen so many girls in a movie theater, shouting, whistling, and generally having a great time!!

The Hours

I saw this a couple days ago. It hasn't left my mind completely till now. Wonderfully depicted women characters, a rarity in cinema I watch.

I mostly agree with the positive reviews that it has received.

March 12, 2003

The Pianist

Came back a couple hours ago from watching this film.. based on a true story of a jewish pianist (Wladyslaw Szpilman) caught in World War II Poland.. Adrien Brody is excellent in the title role, showing the varying degrees of extreme emotions nicely.. rest of the cast is also very good, as are all the crowd scenes, war scenes and locations.. since its based on a true story, there are not that many "cinematic" moments, but the film still had a lot of impact..

There were too many cuts jumping the screenplay from one time to the next, and the storyline was harder to make out.. I was not "moved" by the film in the same way as I was by "Life is Beautiful" or "Schindler's List".. It was a very good film nonetheless, especially in the currently emerging "war" scenario...

Other similarly themed movies I liked:
World War II: Life is Beautiful| Schindler's List
Ethnic/ religious disputes: Ulysses' Gaze| 1947-Earth
War-themed: No Man's Land

March 03, 2003

Sad Shaun: So near and yet so far

"Tied matches and rain: the ghosts of World Cup past converged on South Africa in the most warped manner imaginable."

Heartbreak | Pollock: We Miscalculated | South Africa have only themselves to blame